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Not a new feature, but one worth the memory jog. If you press and hold on the S Pen button while quickly double-tapping any screen, a composition window appears for you to write a new note. You may not have also been aware you can pin a note to the always-on display. Benefit: It's there at a glance and you can delete it when you're done. Handy for shopping lists. The message will remain visible for 30 minutes. After that, you can revive it any time by double-tapping the tiny icon of a thumbtack. Once open, you can read it or delete it.

You can only pin one note at a time, which means that pinning a new note will overwrite your old note if you give it the OK. Another oldie and goodie from this point on they all are. Press and hold the pen button to erase tiny mistakes without having to raise the S Pen to the on-screen erase control. This is meant for correcting small errors. The on-screen control is still better for erasing larger swaths. For a note you want to refer back to again and again, you might opt to pin it to the home screen. One of my favorite ever uses of the S Pen is in taking precise screenshots of only the part of the screen you want.

Every other phone requires you to screenshot the entire display and then crop down.

This is a thousand times easier. Choose Smart Select from the shortcuts wheel, and pick your rectangle, lasso or oval shape. Then just drag and drop to get your sample.

Screen write is another tool that lets you quickly take a screenshot of the entire window and then write or draw all over it. It's fast and it works. Samsung has shut down your ability to make the Bixby Voice button on the phone's left side do anything but launch Samsung's digital assistant. On the Galaxy S8 and newer, you were able keep the button from doing anything by going into the settings. No such luck here, at least for now The S Pen has nothing to do with this trick, but I'm partial to it anyway.

Instead of receiving a pop-up notification, you can opt for the perimeter of the phone face to light up in a variety of color choices every time you get a message. It's a little disco, but who cares? That's not all by a long shot. Don't show this again. Prev Next Prev Next. Read Full Review.

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The power is in the pen The Note 9 brims with layers of software features, many of which are unlocked with the S Pen stylus, its single button and a new Bluetooth antenna inside. Cancel the Note 9's signature color If you buy a blue, purple or metallic copper Galaxy Note 9, you're able to write notes on the "off screen" in a signature color -- this is brand new to the Note 9. Cancel the Note 9's signature color However, if you're not a fan, you can jump into the S Pen settings to turn this off. Use the S Pen stylus as a remote control You can also take a remote photo, control a presentation, skip musical tracks and advance a photo slideshow.

Use the S Pen stylus as a remote control Single click and double click control different actions. Open any app with a press You can also open any app on any screen by holding down on the S Pen. Use the S Pen stylus as a remote control Here, a press of the button takes a photo. Quick unlock with the S Pen If your screen times out while you're holding the S Pen, you can opt to unlock it with a click. Customize the shortcuts wheel This one's not new to Note phones, but a good one to remember.

Create an animated GIF Samsung rolled this one out for the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 , but it's still an underutilized feature that has its moments of extreme handiness. Create an animated GIF First, get a video playing. Save a note for later If you get started on a note and need to duck out to do something else, you can come back to it by turning it and many other apps into a floating icon that you can move around the screen.

Compose a new note, fast Not a new feature, but one worth the memory jog.

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Pin a note to the always-on display You may not have also been aware you can pin a note to the always-on display. Modern technology has evolved to such an extent that anything and everything can be tracked. While tracking is usually frowned upon, it can sometimes come in handy.

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There are a variety of apps on the Google Play Store that let you keep a tab on the text messages received on a particular phone. Most of these apps come with the added functionality of GPS tracking as well, allowing you to get detailed information about the location of your device. This can be handy if your phone is stolen or lost. These apps are mostly free, but added functionality might require an in-app purchase. You can also pick between ad-free and ad supported versions with the former requiring you to pay for it. You will be able to track a phone in real time using a remote app.

The developer mentions that the app might send some of your phone data calls, text messages, location etc to their servers, which is something to keep in mind before downloading the app. It is rated 4. The app requires devices to be on Android 4. As the name suggests, this is an app that can help you track your significant other.

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The developer claims that the app helps reduce jealousy in relationships. This means both parties will give away the same information to each other.

Apps such as these currently flock the Play Store with the hope to help users. The app also offers real time tracking, alerting the person when their significant other gets a phone call or a text message. This is the free version of the app, which means it comes with ads on board.

The Pro version also has a bigger storage of content that can be tracked call logs, messages etc.