How to install mspy on android

If you want to install mSpy from the internet iPhone has to be jailbroken. When you jailbreak iOS device then the Cydia app shows up on the screen. In the second step, you will need to insert the mSpy iPhone download link into the Cydia and start the download. Here are instructions to enter the download link:. Now updating sources start automatically.

You will have to wait for few seconds until it finishes. When updating finish then the complete screen shows up. You can see a look at the Complete screen from the picture below. The new source has been added Mtechnology LTD repository.

How To Install Mspy Without The Target Device

STEP 5 Finish. After you done the previous step, the mSpy app will download and install automatically. You have downloaded the app but the install process is still not finished. After the download is complete, you will need to install and register the mSpy license. Here are instructions guide about how to install mSpy on iPhone in 5 steps:. The first thing you need to do is go back to iPhone start screen where the mSpy icon shows up.

Tap on it. In how to install mSpy tutorial step 3, you are provided with the possibility to leave the app on the target phone or to hide it. The registration code is provided to you under the Step 3 of the online mSpy install wizard. To see this code, you will need to do mSpy login.

I suggest you look it before you went to install the software. After that, you are provided with the screen where you need to enter the phone name and number as you can see in the picture below. Apple devices have the same procedure of downloading and installing the monitoring software. So I will be precise and write quick short installation guide. Here are instructions on how to install and download mSpy on iPad devices:.

The mSpy install process is finished.

XNSPY Remote Installation Support

Go to the mSpyonline login where you will be able to see the extracted information. In this section, I will show you how to track iPhone without jailbreaking. This is the new mSpy feature which bypasses need for jailbreak and installation. However, the requirement for this tracking method are Apple Id and Password. So, for example, you will be able to track your child phone without them knowing and see their location, SMS, Calls and many more.

First, do mSpy log to your personal account at mSpyOnline. Now you are provided with the following screen where you need to enter target Apple Id and Password. STEP 3 Finish. Now the congratulation screen shows up. All logs will be stored automatically in the right section where you will be able to see it. As I said before, in order to track iPhone with mSpy without jailbreaking or installing the app you will need to activate iCloud backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all iPhones have activated iCloud backup. If the target phone does not have activated this feature you will have to take it and activate. The procedure is very simple. Here are instructions how to activate iCloud backup in 3 steps:. In few seconds it will turn on or it will ask you to enter the password and then it will turn on. As you could see in the article above you can monitor someone iPhone without accesing the cell phone.

The whole mSpy iPhone monitor process can be setup remotely from your online account. Also if you decide to track someone iPhone with this app it will provide you with very powerful tracking abilities. With mSpy iPhone monitor software, you will be able to secretly see someone…. The best part is that you will see every text message that is inserted on the target cell phone because this app provide you with keylogger feature. So every text message that someone sent or receive as SMS, social media or Instant message activity will be taken and you will be able to see it from the remote secure location.

In just a few seconds you will learn more about mSpy Android monitoring. This monitor app is professional software used by many customers worldwide. The user reviews show many positive feedbacks about this app Android and iPhone monitoring and tracking.

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The monitor app will here also provide you very advance feature for Android monitoring. These features are:. You can see the full mSpy Android feature list on Phones Monitoring review. In just a few second you will learn what happen after you install this powerful monitoring app on someone cell phone. It is very popular tracking app and that is why many users want to learn:.

I constantly get many requests for a specific device installation instructions.

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There are many mobile phones brands that use the same OS platform. The thing you should note is that if tracking app supports the target device OS version you can install it on the target device and start to monitor its activities. However I have decide to make a quick install instructions and show you how to install mSpy on iPhone and Android most used mobile phones brands like:. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 installation instructions are the same as for any other Apple brand. This tracking software fully supports iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 devices so you can download and install it without any problems.

In the article above you could see step by step mSpy iPhone installation instructions with the explanation. Also, you could learn that this tracker has two options for iPhone monitoring:. The direct download and installation is the process where you have to take someone smartphone and install the tracking app on it.

Does this sound logical to you?

The second option will allow you to install the tracking app remotely on the online control panlel. As you probably suspect the remote option will have less feature so for the full monitoring potential I suggest you to install software on the target device directly. How to Install Tracking app on iPhone Directly? So lets first see how to download and install mSpy on iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 directly:.

The app is now downloaded and installed on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7. However, the Cydia icon is still visible. Many users want to hide the icon and in order to do that follow the next instructions:. The Cydia icon should become invisible now. However, sometimes it takes several minutes to generate a report, so be patient.

There are two mSpy versions to select from. In order to make an informative decision, you should analyze your goals and needs, and then pick up the right package: mSpy without jailbreak or mSpy with advanced spying elements. When purchasing the app for mobile or desktop, you have three options to choose from family kit, basic and premium. The main difference lies in the subscription periods monthly vs annual. Get it free. This will make the uploading of data to your mSpy account easier for you.

After accepting the Licence Agreements, its turn of updating the services. In this way, you will be able to have a direct control on the target phone. You are having both the options.

How to Install mSpy on Android Phones or Tablets

Either to show the mSpy Icon and to hide the mSpy Icon. If you are wishing to use it for the spying purpose, it will be better to Hide the mSpy Icon. However, it still depends on you which option you would like to prefer. This will take you to the next step. When you will take up a subscription plan for mSpy, you will find a registration code. This registration code is usable for taking up the control of the device. In this step, they will ask for your code. So you have to enter the registration code at the appropriate place.

It will complete the installation of the application. This is the last step.