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But before you get excited about ditching your giant phablet for a new Palm, know that the Verizon-exclusive device can only be used in conjunction with your main smartphone.

It'll use the same number as your main device, and seems poised as something to take with you on dates, quick walks, runs or trips to the store where you don't need a giant mini-computer loaded with apps in your pocket. Naturally, this comes with caveats.

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While the new Palm technically works with iPhones, you won't receive your iMessages on it, for one. The Palm's purpose is admirable -- a small phone designed to help curb screen addiction -- but the fact that it has to be used alongside another smartphone could limit its appeal. We should have a better idea of how the tiny handset holds up in the real world come November. Tom's Guide. This audible you can hear it white noise will disable the microphone's recording capabilities when in range.

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Know Where Your Money is Going. We have all heard of the term cell phone. Big on features and small on price,.

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