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You can select one of the plans as per your requirements.

Looking for a free SMS tracker app for Android? Here are the top 10 for you!

HelloSpy is our next choice in the list of the best SMS tracker apps that you can use. Their official website is simple and easy to navigate. Therefore, you can get to know each of the features very closely. They have the best SMS tracker free inside the tool.

Using this feature, you can get the details of both sent messages as well as received messages. Moreover, it also includes the keylogger tool using which you can even spy on all the words they write. They have a maximum amount of feature a tool can have. However, when you take a look at the pricing, it is one of the most expensive apps that you can get. Help spy will cost you way more money than all the other apps. Till now, you surely have seen many tracking applications but one of the biggest similarities between most of the application was that all were simple to use.

If you are looking for advance and the complicated tool to spy on your child. Here is something that you would love to use.

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The One Spy is one of the most advanced and the complicate tool you can use to spy. The tool has many bugging features that will let you spy on your child. Talking about the text message, you can view the full conversation and you can also spy on the application they are using. However, their pricing is more than double of all the other applications we suggested here.

The above one was the complicated version of the tools. In the same way, this one is the simplest application you can use. They have the features that let you spy on Whatsapp, text messages, call logs, etc. Moreover, the other feature also includes live video recording. The application looks simply but has many other features also. Therefore, it is worth taking a look at. If you are looking for a simple application that you can use for monitoring your child, this one is a perfect choice. However, when it comes to the pricing, you will pay the same as you are paying for most of the other applications.

So, there is no simplicity in the pricing. However, the user interface is simple and easy to use. Our last choice of products is SpyEra. It is a completely undetectable spy SMS tracker app that you can install directly on your target device. You will get the remote updates which is one of the best features.

They have allowed spying on the call logs, applications, and camera. There are various other similar features to monitor the device. Moreover, the reason why we love SpyEra is because of their Preinstalled software on the new phone. If you want to buy a new phone for your child, you can order it from SpyEra, they will install the application before shipping it to you.

To conclude, these are some of the best SMS tracker apps that you can use today itself.

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Please note that we have only highlighted the main features of the tools. There are many other features in all the tools. You can visit the official website to know more about the features and the pricing. The applications here are intended for safe usage only. Skip to content Did you know? Table of Contents. SMS tracker. Hi, Eric.

The best way to know is to use a spy app. Mobile phone trackers allow to track any online activity, SMS, ingoing and outgoing calls, social media, browser history, photos, and have a phone location tracker. With the help of phone tracker, you can know the location of your girlfriend, whom she chats with, what sites she visits more often.

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Hi, Sallay. To track messages, you have to install and set app any phone tracker app on the target phone. After the successful installation process, all the collected data will be available on your Control Panel. Hi Teresa. Yes, you can track your fiancee phone when you are away. This is another spying app that helps you monitor all the activities on a smartphone running android, blackberry, iOS, and another operating system.

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This app allows you to access various features like to read incoming and outgoing text messages, track GPS location, emails, call logs, instant messenger and remotely monitor the phone. For android versions supports 2. However, the technical support is very poor and it will require the jailbreak. Since the app utilizes the network data it reduces the battery performance of the device. The PhoneSheriff is particularly designed for the parents who want to keep an eye to their children phone.

This is not really a spying app because it is notified by the victim before installing it on the device although,if you want to monitor your child activities secretly the app icon can be turned off too. It consist some significant features like website contact blocking, time restriction and more. Mobile Spy is the reliable and simple app which has common tracking features.

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If you are looking budget-friendly app then this is for you. You can able access SMS, browser history, multimedia files and many more. The SpyBubble is a great spy app with feature include like track location, multimedia, IMEI, web browser history, memory usage and more. However, it will not offer instant messenger logging feature.

It is a popular Smartphone tracking app famous for call recording, GPS tracking, steal camera and eavesdropping feature and also supports basic spying features. It works on different hidden mode and if you want to block an app or want to uninstall an app it will not support this.

I hope that this guide came as the answer to most of your question related to the best 10 SMS tracker for Android and iPhone. The purpose of this article was to make your decision easier to choose the right SMS tracker for your phone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. SMS Tracker. User Review 4.

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